Friday, May 16, 2014

May 5th - May 16th, 2014

We have continued our explorations with plants, gardens, seeds and nature.  The children have observed our seeds that we have planted and have noticed that they are starting to grow.  During this observation, they noticed the plants that were growing looked a little dry and brown so we decided we needed to add water.  We have also recently started a Worm Compost to eventually help nourish our garden.  Surprisingly, many children wanted to hold the worms.  We even taste tested some herbs that are already growing in our garden.  Some children really enjoyed the chives and said they were going to go home and cook soup with it.

 The following pictures are some samples of the children practicing letters and sounds.  They really enjoy playing letter games and puzzles.  On a hot day, they even got to enjoy the water table with ducks which had upper and lowercase letters on the bottom of each duck.

 The following pictures show the children having fun with math concepts.  They really enjoy this lego parking lot game.  They need to park their legos in the parking spot which has the corresponding number.

The children have also started showing an interest in measuring things.  We have talked about predictions and actual.  They have used large and small blocks to measure the room by length and width.  Since they always seem to want to use the legos, we were measuring the table using small legos, larger legos and even big lego trucks.  They are starting to talk about how you need more legos if they are the small ones.  We will continue to measure things and will use different objects to do so.

Children practice many different ways to discover shapes.  They feel very accomplished when they figure out how to make a particular shape.  We have started some circle painting that we will eventually join forces with Ms. Finkelstein's and Ms. Fennessey's classroom because they too, have started exploring different ways to paint with shapes.

The children were being scientist exploring the seashells that Zane brought in for our class.  They were categorizing and also talking about the similarities and differences of all of the shells.

This seems to be a favorite part of the day - snack!!  This is a great opportunity for the children to have great conversations, to learn how to share, to learn table manners and to also try food they may not even think that they like.  Mohamed even made a smiley face using his cheerios and oranges :)

Guest Readers are always a big hit in our classroom.  The children always enjoy having someone special come in to read to them, and it's a great opportunity to listen to some stories that we have not yet heard.

Recently the children have shown an interested in using the clay.  We started off with everyone having their own piece of clay to eventually having them work together using a 'community' piece of clay and only one tool.  The children have benefited from learning new techniques and have begun to learn the importance of sharing.  We are starting to put them in situations where they have to use their communication skills in order to 'fix' situations and to express to each other what they want/need.

We have been going outside as much as possible lately after hibernating for six months.  The children have started collecting material to use to paint with and to also make a great sensory table.

Music is another area where the children have always been interested in.  We have recently started investigating this more by dancing, listening, making music and also listening to different genres.  As you can tell by the pictures, they are really enjoying themselves. 

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